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About Coppins Systems Services

Coppins System Services was established in 2003.  Our goal is to provide specialist, yet decent value-for-money computer services, be it computer maintenance, private tuition or other computer-related services.

For home users, as well as solving almost any computer-related issues you're experiencing, we also usually perform a number of security-enhancing tweaks for Windows to minimise the possibility of your machine being victim to security issues.

We try to make our private tuition services as beneficial and as flexible as possible, so that you can apply skills you have learnt in as many situations as possible. Sometimes people just make a list of small problems that they would like explained to them, rather than having to get a full course in a complete subject.

For businesses, we can provide an extra layer of technical support and expertise, or if you don't have any IT people employed, we can provide computer-related services for your business. We have had a number of years' experience in technical support and systems administration, as well as some development skills, such as Microsoft Access database application development and website design skills.

For more information, contact us over email or by phone, see our 'Contact Us' page.